Do Super Quick Maths Calculation Using Vedic Method

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Teaching Mental Maths Tricks to Anyone and Everyone!

Learning to perform fast mental maths calculation will help you immensely irrespective of which field of life you deal with.Knowing these mental maths tricks will give you a positive edge over the others.Whether you are a student,aspiring engineer,statistician,scientist,school teacher or anyone else dealing with numbers,learning this quick mental tricks and techniques 
(popularly known as Vedic Maths techniques) is always going to benefit you.

You must have heard of Shakuntala Devi-the lady who performed maths calculations faster than a Computer,you can do it too, just with a little bit of practice.

For example, let say you want to multiply 52*11.This can be calculated in less than 1 second but if you want to do it traditionally,it will take you around 5-6 seconds.Isn't it?

So let see how using a simple mental maths trick,this calculation can be done in a matter of seconds...

To multiply 52 and 11,imagine there is a space between 52

52*11= 5_2 (Put an imaginary space in between)

Now,what to do with that space?

Just add 5 and 2 and put the result in the imaginary space

So, 52 * 11 =572 (which is your answer)

Isn't it great?

Lets try some more examples:

1) 35 * 11 = 3 (3+5) 5 = 385

2) 81 * 11 = 8 (8+1) 1 = 891

3) 72 * 11 = 7 (7+2) 2 = 792 etc..

With just a little bit of practice you can easily perform these simple mental maths tricks in the blink of an eye.

People sitting for competitive exams often complain that they could not complete the Question paper within a certain time period as the paper was too length(l)y.But for your information,let me tell you that all papers of all competitive exams are so designed that students can finish it within the given time period.Its just that student do not have the required efficiency.So in tight time constraint situation where time plays a very important role,knowing these quick mental maths techniques will give you an edge over your competitors.It will be your X-Factor.It will give you that sharpness and smartness required to crack any competitive exams.

Lets take an example of this sum which has been taken from the 2010 question paper of a Popular Bank PO Examination (Aptitude Section):

(Q) Is 456138 divisible by 9?

Now, it only takes 2 seconds for you to determine the answer.But if you go by the traditional way then it will take you 10 seconds.So you can see the difference.Those 8 extra seconds you win,you can spend on other question.Isn't it?

No let see the solution

(Answer) To test whether a certain large number is divisible by 9 or not,'just add all the digits of the number and if the end result is divisible by 9,then you can say that the entire large number will be divisible by 9 too'.


Now since 27 is divisible by 9 so 456138 will be divisible by 9 too.

 By now you must have some idea, how important it is to know these mental maths tricks.Knowing these simple calculation techniques gives you an advantage over others and can get you a job,get you crack any competitive exams and much more.

Here are few more mental maths tricks..

Multiply any large number by 12 mentally in seconds

To multiply any number by 12 just double last digit and thereafter double each digit and add it to its neighbour

For example  21314 * 12 =  255768

Lets break it into simple steps:

Step 1: 021314 * 12 =  _____8 (Double of Last Digit 4= 8 )

Step 2: 021314 * 12 =  ____68 (Now Double 1= 2, and add it to 4, 2+4=6)

Step 3: 021314 * 12=   ___768 (Now Double 3=6, and add it to 1, 6+1=7)

Step 4: 021314 * 12=   __5768 (Now Double 1=2, and add it to 3, 2+3=5)

Step 5: 021314 * 12=   _55768 (Now Double  2=4, and add it to 1, 4+1=5)

Step 6: 021314 * 12=   255768 (Now Double 0=0, and add it to 2, 0+2=2)

So your final answer of 21314 * 12 = 255768

Another example...

Calculating Square of numbers quickly...

Lets calculate the square of 54
So (54)^2 = 5^2 +4 -- 4^2 = 25 +4 ----16 =29-------16= 2916

Similarly (55)^2 = 5^2 +5 --5^2=25+5------25=30---------25= 3025

Similarly (56)^2 = 5^2 + 6--6^2=25+6------36= 31--------36= 3136 etc..

Similarly try out squares of 57,58 etc..

These are just few of the many Mental Maths Tricks possible.There are numerous other maths tricks for fast calculation.If you like these mental maths tricks and feel the necessity to know all the other tricks then Download and Save the entire 'Mental Maths Tricks' ebook to your PC.But remember this amazing book is not free (as expected) so you will have to buy it.It has been released only a few months ago and 90000 (approx) copies has been sold already.So Hurry Up, and Download this amazing mental maths book now.


nagraj kudari said...

helpfull for poor people

Akit said...

These tricks are awesome and definitely save lot of time which is very helpful in exam and specially in competitive examination where time saving is very difficult so such tricks are very helpful.
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Vaibhav Chandra Singh said...

n1 tricks...

Prafull Keshatwar said...

This trick doesn't works all the time. Take example of 39.

Prafull Keshatwar said...

Guys this works only for 2 digits in the range of 50-59.. Thats it. It's not a generic logic... So thumbs down for this...

tarini Sharma said...

Vedic Maths is fun to learn and hence work... It really makes calculation easy...
I have been taking tutorial for vedic maths online. vedic math techniques are very clearly stated in this online coaching for cat by a very experienced teacher... It is def helping me hopeits helpful for you as well

Ravi said...

First i was very much afraid of maths but now i am enjoying all this. Really awesome techniques. thank u

hoΓ  trαΊ§n said...

vedic maths is interesting but i don't think it can help to solve the problem mentally. Example that i know how to calculate 3-digit number multiple with other 3-digit number by vedic formula but it's still hard to do in mind if the problem is just called out, without writting. As i cannot remember the temporary results. Any advice on this issue?

SAI KIRAN said...

do 64*11?

prajakta rudrawar said...

As i am teaching Vedic Maths since last 7 years to the students above 10 years, it is very important to learn a method properly .....

now to do 64x11=

6 (6+4) 4=
now 6 (10) 4
means add tense place now

(6+1) 0 4

Madhav Kanodia said...

how we will multiply we can see that the addition of the two digits are not expanding to tense so we cant add the the previously added number for eg: 42x22=924
so 4(4+2)2=462 which is wrong according to the multiplication done by mr.prajakta sir after adding the 2 digits the number is expanding to tense place but not in my case so sir i would be glad if you can help me out of this..

Piyush Sharma said...

to learn more tricks in easiest way do visit

Navneet said...

trick for 12 is nice

heena goyal said...

Vedic maths is based on sixteen sutra's or principles . These principles are general in nature and can be applied in many ways . In practice, the vedic system is used to solve difficult problems or huge sums in more effective and easy way.These method are just a part of a complete system of mathematics which is far more systematic than the modern system taught now. The simplicity of vedic mathematics helps us to solve the calculations mentally with sifficient practice.
Vedic maths is highly helpful in cracking competitive exams .There are many vedic math online course one of them is So if anybody is intrusted to learn vedic math online can visit the link.

Aastha Salotra said...
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Nirmal Tailor said...

How's the Square of 69^2

Vipin Raunchhela said...

square technique fails for 69.....(69)^2=4762 but as per vedic maths its (69)^2=4581

Harikrishnan NK said...


Manu shetty said...

It's very very easy for small kids and adults

Renuka said...

one can also try this
62^2 = 6^2+2...2+2...2^2 = 3844
64^2 = 6^2+4....4+4...4^4 = 4096

suresh rumalla said...

Very usdfull info to do fast caluclation competative examx

Debabrata Mukherjee said...

It would be very easy if you understand the logic properly otherwise it will be just a formula nothing else. Anyway your answer will be like the following:

Mayur Bagharwal said...

good book

ajay said...

one more trick in vedic maths is multiplication with nines for eg you got to multiply 57956*99999 this may take you around 2 minutes in conventional method but less than 5 seconds in vedic maths let me explain how subtract one from the side which is not completely of nines(57956) which is 57955 now subtract 57955 from 99999 i.e. 42044 now combine both results 5795542044 and that is the answer

another example 45678*99999
45678-1 = 45677
upon combining 4567754322
you can use this trick for multiplication when one side is full of nines and other side consists of other nos.
it works under the sutra(aphorism)
ekanyunena purvena i.e. one less than before
(we subtracted one)
amazing isn't it it has been used in ancient india for a long time,for more visit

Dude said...

the last trick does not work on other numbers lyk 77,64 n such..

vikrant Pundir said...

this works only between 50-59.this man is making us a mad head.

legend said...

last squares trick does not work for 49 69 etc...Please explain
according to Vedic 49*49 = (16+9----81=25---81=2581
But actually it is 49*49=2401

rahul yadav said...


shashikantroy said...

How will calculate square root of 92 or 79?

shashikantroy said...

how to easily find out the cube root of any no.?

Muralee Nair said...

49 x 11 = 539
4+1 3 9 ( 4 + 9 = 13 ) The sum of digits more than 9 , this will work. Test yourself.

Richard Jakson said...

Nice to see that blog commenting done right still has many benefits. Thanks for sharing your insights.

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Anitha Naidu said...

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Priyansh Mehta said...

You can use this formula for taking out square of any number a×a 2 ab b×b like for
42×42=1764 1st do 2×2=4 then 2×4×2=16 write 6 and take 1 as carry now do 4×4 =16 add 1 carry the answer is 1764.

Priyansh Mehta said...

You can use this formula for taking out square of any number a×a 2 ab b×b like for
42×42=1764 1st do 2×2=4 then 2×4×2=16 write 6 and take 1 as carry now do 4×4 =16 add 1 carry the answer is 1764.

Richard Jakson said...


Richard Jakson said...

Great post! Thanks you so much for the share. It is indeed a helpful one.

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Prince Raj said...


Thanx for sharing information good work. keep it up.


ashim ghosh said...

This post offered a ton of great ideas and easily accessible resources. There are a lot of ideas related to Maths for year 6 which I would use in my own classroom. The parent could also seek out a fellow homeschooling parent. This would be an option to send the student to that parent for her math instruction.

Soniya Singhal said...

This is the tricky maths. You should also concentrate on your mind for doing this. Remember in your mind, "Practice makes a man perfect." So, you need to solve more and more mathematics questions and answers 2015.

John Anderson said...

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learnhub said...

Great work bro

Sankaran Namboodiri said...

in the case of multiplication by 54 is only working ithat not working in the case of 64

Sankaran Namboodiri said...

it is beneficial to students got interested in mathmatics

Revathi Ande said...

it's easy to understand& ur explanation is nice

Hunu nixon said...

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Hunu nixon said...

Amazing ideas to solve the long calculations, It will save time during exams as well. I have recently shifted to Australia and i am having private tuition's from the Maths Tutors in Melbourne also.

v.k chaursiya said...

amazing tricks to play with the kids.

v.k chaursiya said...

amazing tricks to play with the kids.

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Rohit Sharma said...

if you wanna to square any number containing
the last digit number is 5. so it is very
simple. For example.....

the square of 55 is
5*6=30 and 5*5=25
So it's square is 3025

Similarly square of 75 is
7*8=56 and 5*5=25
So it's square is 5625

similarly square of 145 is
14*15=210 and 5*5=25
So it's squre is 21025

It is only valid for last digit number is 5

Rohit Sharma said...

I think there is no trick for this. you can use the formula

Rohit Sharma said...

This trick is only between 50 to 59

Rohit Sharma said...

Nice trick

Rohit Sharma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rohit Sharma said...

The trick is fail because it is only valid between 50 to 59

For your question I have a trick but it is also valid between 60 to 69

62^2 = 6^2+2...2+2...2^2 = 3844
64^2 = 6^2+4....4+4...4^4 = 4096

Rohit Sharma said...

For your question I have a trick
But it is also valid between 40 to 49

41^2= 4*4......4*1+4*1......1*1 = 1681
43^2= 4*4......4*3+4*3......3*3 = 1849
49^2= 4*4......4*9+4*9......9*9 = 3408

But I strongly recommend that you can only use a*a+2ab+b*b
It is always valid for all numbers...

Rohit Sharma said...

If you wanna to square numbers like 99, 999, 9999, 99999 and go on it is very simple

The square of 99 is
99-01=98 and 99-98=01
So it's square is 9801

Similarly the square of 9999 is
9999-0001=9998 and 9999-9998=0001
So it's square is 99980001

You can see that there is a sequence...
So just remember the sequence....

And this trick is only valid for numbers contains only the value of 9 such that 99, 9999, 999999, 99999999

Rohit Sharma said...

If you wanna to square numbers like 11, 1111, 11111 it is very simple... For example

The square of 111 is

Similarly the square of 1111

Similarly the squre of 11111 is

You can see that there is a sequence...
If there is 3 digit value of 1 so you go on 123 and reverse 21 so it is 12321

This trick is only valid for such numbers like 11, 1111, 111111 only contains 1

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Unknown said...

this tricks help very much in maths perion

Unknown said...

132*11 = 1_3_2 *11 = 1452

SR lakshmi said...

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naik said...

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Pansuriya Dhairya said...

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Unknown said...

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arshlan said...

this is really a fantastic job whichever done so far?????

John Hill said...

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Unknown said...

2512×12 can u please explain discuss in short cut way of multiplying,as u shown the example of 21314×12

sharana basava patil said...

2512×12 can u please explain discuss in short cut way of multiplying,as u shown the example of 21314×12

Sharath Ch said...

write the number 2512 as 02512

Step 1: 02512 * 12 = _____4 (Double of Last Digit 2= 4 )

Step 2: 02512 * 12 = ____44 (Now Double 1= 2, and add it to 2, 2+2=4)

Step 3: 02512 * 12= ___144 (Now Double 5=10, and add it to 1, 10+1=11) carry 1

Step 4: 02512 * 12= __0144 (Now Double 2=4, and add it to 5 and to carry 1, 4+5+1=10) carry 1

Step 5: 02512 * 12= _30144 (Now Double 0=0, and add it to 2 and to carry 1, 0+2+1=3)

So your final answer of 2512 * 12 = 30144

ram naresh said...

Square of 12 is not possible by your way so please tell

Unknown said...


Rachna Panwar said...

U are the topper naπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Rachna Panwar said...

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Zebacart Book Seller said...

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Garvit Kansal said...

it does not with many numbers.
Eg. 11^2
its not correct 11^2=121

sulekha said...

sulekha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
harshit agnihotri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
harshit agnihotri said...

For squaring any no. There is a simple technique which is applicable to all 2 digits no.
Ex 13^2 make both no. In divya and no we have two no 1 and 3
Now and last no .13+3=16
And multiply by first no.that is 13×1=13
And square last digit
Answer is 169

Sanjay Manithia said...

This websites and its contents are very useful for sharpness of mind

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